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Rome was not built in a day. It is an uphill task, but we need to make a beginning. Taking baby steps from 2014, we have come to make a school till Class X today. Given below is a breakdown of our journey to the path of a High School.


The first batch of ICSE will roll out from this school

An appeal from the Founder

Dear Fun- Learners, Parents, Patrons, Well-Wishers and My Dear Friends,

As you all know, Fun-Learn started its journey in 2014 and on date we are offering students continued education till Grade/Class IV. We are focusing on imparting the highest quality education, through the medium of English to the children of Garden Reach and its adjoining areas.

This is an area, which lacks high quality English-medium schools. Our children have to travel great distances daily, overcome poor transport connectivity and suffer long hours in traffic to reach school. On an average, a child spends around 3.5 hours daily only commuting from his/her home to school; add to this the long hours in school. After that how much time do you think he/ she has to study at home, leave alone pursue her/ his other creative interests? The only way to end this travail is to gift our children with a High School within their easy reach.

It is my dream to see that they get to complete their education uninterrupted till Class/Grade XII in Fun-Learn High School. For this we need more classrooms, bigger play grounds- a bigger space. My target is to expand our school to a High School by 2035.

“Little drops of water make the mighty ocean.” Your contribution, however small, will only help this school grow from strength to strength and expand so that you all can be a part of this growing Community. Your contributions will not only build Fun-Learn, but will also help develop the community of Garden Reach and create a future generation of leaders for our society from here.

For Donation Transfer:

1. NEEV ACADEMY & RESEARCH CENTRE, Current A/c No: 400821110000001
2. IFSC Code : BKID0004008; PAN: AADAN 5183F
3. Cheque/DD to be drawn favouring NEEV ACADEMY & RESEARCH CENTRE

I need your support to bring this dream to fruition. I need your support to make Fun-Learn a High School. I earnestly invite you to come to our school, interact with our children and join us in our endeavour to explore and create new horizons in the field of education.

Feel free to call me or write me in. I will be happy to discuss to take this Dream forward.

With my prayers.

Yours ever,

Udita Chakraborty

Mob: +91 98300 41828

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