• In the Academic Year: 2015-16, we expanded from Upper KG to Grade/Class II;
  • In the Academic Year: 2016-17, we added two more levels, till Grade/Class IV;
  • In 2018, we shall expand to Grade/Class VIII;
  • By 2023, we became a Secondary School, where our students can study uninterrupted till Grade/Class X;
Developmental Milestones for our children

FUN-LEARN is an inclusive, secular school. We welcome children with special needs. Everyone is equal in the eyes of God. Everyone has the right to education!

Our medium of education is ENGLISH; vernacular languages and other languages are also taught as per government guidelines.


Movement Milestones

  • Clapping; holding hands; duplicating signs shown to them;
  • Moving to rhythm;
  • Slowly learns to coordinate hand and feet movement- like march-past, etc.

Writing and hand & finger skills Milestones

  • Starts learning to hold a chalk; then crayon, then pencils;
  • Starts making lines, patterns, circles;
  • By 2.6 yrs, begins to copy some capital & small letters; draws circles and squares;
  • Learns to count till 30 by rote; learns to say alphabets by rote;
  • By the end of Play Group the child will learn to write A-Z; a-z; 1-30/50; simple counting, adding, small spellings and be ready to graduate to the next level.

Language Milestones

  • Starts understanding simple instructions given in English;
  • Greeting, meeting, farewelling; taking permission; thanking;
  • Starts pronouncing single words; joining 2 words; picks up tunes; rhymes; songs.

Cognitive Milestones

  • Learns to recognise various things in his/her school bag; recognizes body parts; things in the class room and their teachers;
  • Learns to imitate sounds.

Social and Emotional Milestones

  • More independent- learns to eat by himself/herself, handle spoon, fork, wear socks-shoes;
  • Learns personal hygiene, basic dos and don’ts, manners.


The 4-R Milestones: Reading, ’Riting, ‘Rithmatic & Reasoning

  • Can read simple sentences in English;
  • Can build sentences in English;
  • Learns the concept of zero; same, different, more, less, ascending-descending, between;
  • Can do simple calculations- addition, subtraction;
  • Can count & write in figures and in word; starts learning simple tables;
  • Develops reasoning power, logic; learns to question;
  • Starts learning 1 vernacular language- Hindi/ Bengali- alphabet reading & writing.

Communication and Language Development

  • Can understand questions in English; can reply to most of them- name, age, school, class, etc;
  • When given a choice, names preferred object or activity.

Social Development

  • Enjoys singing, acting, dancing, sports;
  • Learns etiquette & manners, personal hygiene;
  • Engages in simple group games; helps with clean-up activities; takes turns;
  • Seeks permission to use items belonging to others with minimal reminders;
  • Starts carrying out responsibilities.

Cognitive Development

  • Combines circles and/or squares with crossed lines;
  • Can see and draw- sun, animals, trees, flowers;
  • Can sort out different colors.

Emotional Development

  • Able to recover from anger or temper tantrum and be cooperative;
  • Separates from parent without reluctance;
  • Verbalizes emotions he or she is feeling;
  • Maintains an appropriate, stable temperament most of the time.

Physical Development/Gross Motor Skills:

  • Walks up and down stairs unassisted alternating feet;
  • Throws a ball over-handed and under-handed.


The 4R Milestones: Reading, ’Riting, ‘Rithmatic & Reasoning

  • Can start writing short compositions/ essays;
  • Can read simple story books in English;
  • Can build sentences in English;
  • Can do simple calculations- add, subtract, multiply, division;
  • Can do simple problems with statements;
  • Develops reasoning power, logic; learns to question.

Communication and Language Development

  • Can pretty much converse in English; tell stories, describe experiences;
  • Speech is clear and can be understood by others;
  • Is able to communicate with strangers and answer questions;
  • Can stand in front of a group of people and make a short speech.

Social Development

  • Learns to take responsibilities;
  • Learns leadership skills;
  • Becomes aware of everyone’s roles;
  • Manners and etiquette.

Cognitive Development

  • Can copy directly from the board;
  • Can take dictations;
  • Can listen, comprehend and answer both orally and in writing.

Emotional Development

  • Openly and warmly expresses affection to other children;
  • Helps others in their simple chores;
  • Is able to return to equilibrium after experiencing stress.

Physical Development: Large/Gross Motor Skills

  • Takes part in Sports, march- past, drill.

Creativity Development

  • Can draw using imagination.


  • Computer literacy;
  • Attains maturity to ask questions;
  • Can answer and converse in English;
  • Studies the subjects outlined in the syllabus;
  • Can read, comprehend and answer and put thoughts to paper;
  • Knows etiquette, manners;
  • Actively participates in extra-curricular activities;
  • Shows creativity;
  • Can differentiate fact from fiction;
  • Understands numbers and their values;
  • Starts taking interest in scientific experiments;
  • Capable of public- speaking.


  • Computer literacy;
  • Becomes self-sufficient;
  • Can take care of self and others;
  • Starts taking more leadership roles;
  • Becomes confident to perform in front of unknown people;
  • Interested to learn new things- both by reading and hands-on practice.


  • Advanced computer literacy-coding, web designing etc. ;
  • Vocational courses – hospitality & catering management;
  • STEM classes.


  • Advanced computer literacy-coding


  • Artificial Intelligence
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