Fun-Learn Day Boarding School is managed by NEEV Academy & Research Centre (NARC), registered under the Societies Registration Act 1961. The ownership of Fun-Learn group of Schools was vested with this said Society, NARC. The day-to-day administration of the schools is vested with the Governing Body of the Society.

Characteristics of our School

Our Founder, Udita Chakraborty, is an alumnus of St Teresa’s Secondary School, Loreto House and Lady Brabourne College. Having worked in India and abroad and being well travelled, she has seen how some of the finest schools in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States of America operate. Chakraborty’s attachment with some of reputed schools in West Bengal has given her insights into the curriculum being followed by them. Fun-Learn Pre School & Day Care and Fun Learn Day Boarding School have been founded by assimilating the BEST of all these.


Our Vision

Our vision is to:

  • become a centre of excellence in Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary and Higher education;
  • create an atmosphere of learning through curiosity and fun;
  • create an environment of growing up together through mutual tolerance, respect and gentility;
  • create an ambience of diversity and respect differences;
  • deal with challenges fearlessly;
  • transact with people justly;
  • take care of the weak generously;
  • love plants and animals compassionately.

Our Mission

  • To provide our students with the highest quality education at par with international schools;
  • To not only impart subject knowledge, but also develop the child’s personality, impart life skills training, discipline- 360 degree development of your child;
  • To provide a safe and conducive environment for a sound education;
  • To excel in extra- curricular activities- sports, creative areas- art, drama, public speaking, dance, music and other performing arts;
  • To offer education to All, to democratize education and make its benefits available to the poor, the marginalized, thus empowering them;
  • To provide equal opportunity in education to all deserving and meritorious students irrespective of caste, creed, gender or economic backgrounds;
  • To offer an inclusive educational atmosphere on the campus, making the campus and classrooms accessible, safe, secure and comfortable even for students with different abilities;
  • To create a school that is all-inclusive, that celebrates diversity and uniqueness of all students, teachers and the work-force;
  • To promote a culture of harmony between communities and between man and Nature;
  • To create a Team of motivated, enthusiastic, loyal teachers and work-force with diverse talents through a safe, fair, conducive, flexible and fun work ambiance for All;
  • To bring about diversity in the work-place by employing people with different abilities and orientation;
  • To create an atmosphere of free-flowing thoughts and open dialogue without any fear in the campus;
  • To promote academic exchange between schools in India and abroad in order to expand our horizon;
  • To make our students responsible, sensitive, caring, honest and virtuous human beings;
  • To make leaders of our students and help them become agents of change.


Welcome to Fun Learn School, a beacon of holistic education nestled in the vibrant city of Kolkata. Since our inception in 2014, we’ve embarked on a mission to cultivate a generation of well-rounded individuals poised to lead and innovate.

The Opportunity

In a rapidly evolving world, education is the cornerstone of progress. Fun Learn School stands at the cusp of expansion, ready to mold the bright minds that will address the challenges of tomorrow. With your involvement we can unlock the potential of every child that walks through our doors.

Our Unique Proposition

Fun Learn School isn’t just an institution; it’s a crucible for change. We’re not only teaching; we’re empowering. Our inclusive approach integrates children from diverse backgrounds, including those with special needs and from economically weaker sections (EWS), ensuring that education is a right, not a privilege.

Academic Excellence

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. As we edge closer to ICSE affiliation, our students are prepared to excel with a curriculum that balances academic rigor with practical knowledge.

Holistic Development

We believe in the power of holistic education. Our programs in music, arts, and sports, complemented by coding workshops and international collaborations, foster a nurturing environment for students to grow intellectually, creatively, and emotionally.

Inclusivity and Diversity

At Fun Learn School, diversity is celebrated. Our students, many of whom are first-generation English learners, reflect the rich tapestry of our society. We’re a melting pot of cultures, religions, and ideas, all thriving within our inclusive curriculum.

Community Impact

Our initiatives like MILKYWAY and DAY STUDY CENTRE exemplify our commitment to community engagement, offering support and nourishment to the young minds of Kolkata.

The Growth Trajectory

Our journey has been remarkable, but there’s more to achieve. We’re on the brink of introducing Senior School grades and developing vocational courses aligned with the ICSE Board. Our infrastructure is set to expand, with planned enhancements to our facilities, including science labs, a playground, and a library.

The Ask

We seek partners who share our vision of shaping the changemakers of tomorrow. Your involvement will catalyze:
Infrastructure Development: To build state-of-the-art learning spaces.
Teacher Recruitment: To attract and retain the best educators.
Curriculum Enhancement: To introduce vocational courses that meet the needs of the 21st century.
Technology Upgrades: To integrate advanced tech in our teaching methodologies.

The Impact

Your involvement is more than financial capital; it’s a stake in the future. With a growing student body and plans for expanded offerings, Fun Learn School is poised for sustainable growth. We offer you the chance to be part of a story that resonates well beyond the walls of a classroom.

Join us on our journey at Fun Learn School, where every day is a step towards nurturing the pioneers of the future. Together, let’s transform education and empower children to dream big, achieve more, and create a better world.

Your support can turn our vision into a vivid reality. Let’s discuss how we can collaborate to make education accessible, inclusive, and profound. Visit our website at www.fun-learn.org and connect with us on our Facebook page to see our vibrant community in action.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to invest in the leaders of tomorrow.
Fun Learn School: Where Learning is an Adventure.


Gora Datta, USA

Gora Datta [Fellow HL7, Engineering Faculty @ College of Engineering, University of California, Berkeley] is the pioneer of the field of Mobile Health standards. He is a serial global entrepreneur, educator,  visionary executive and an internationally acknowledged Subject Matter Expert on Digital Health, Mobile Health, Public Health & Health Informatics Standards & CyberHealth initiatives with 40 years of global professional expertise.

Co-leading as Director, an US federally funded workforce development program, in California, that focuses on public-private consortium that brings together industry, academia and government partners to Public Health Informatics and Technology for Workforce Development program.

He is also the founding Chairman and CEO of CAL2CAL group of companies (estd. 1996 http://www.cal2cal.com) – an innovative Emerging Technology products and solutions organization.

Michael Skelly, UK

Michael’s a dynamic educator and entrepreneur with a diverse skill set. With a background in Dance & Music Performance, Teaching and Business Management, Michael’s cultivated expertise in both the arts and business realms. His years of experience in teaching performing arts and business in mainstream education in the UK, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, have led him to successfully run Connect Studios for the past 7 years. With over 300 students, Michael’s studios serve as a hub for creativity and learning in the community within Liverpool.


Samuel Wells, UK

Samuel started his career in hospitality foodservice spending many years working with worldwide brands including Starbucks. More latterly Samuel works as part of a buying team for a UK national supermarket business heading up a team of buyers. Samuel is passionate about education and providing opportunities for young people.


Christopher Wells, UK

Chris Wells spent 46 years in consulting for the mining and minerals processing industries worldwide retiring as Managing Director of DMT Consulting Limited in 2017.Chris has worked in multiple countries around the world and spent many years based in India.  Chris still maintains a home in Kolkata with his wife Sushri which they try to visit at least once most years.  Since retirement from DMT Chris has continued to provide support to them on a part-time basis together with working to support charities and develop projects in and around Chesterfield, UK.


Our Teachers

Our teachers are trained, vivacious, energetic and fluent in English. They undergo refresher training regularly. Our Special Educators are well qualified and certified to teach our special angels with special needs.

Even our non-teaching staff undergoes mandatory training in how to be child-friendly.


I. The school has classes from Toddler Group (1 year+), Play Group (2 yrs) to Grade/ Class IV at present.
II. Grades/ Classes V- XII will be starting soon. See Announcement for update.


School Hours

The School has two shifts for Toddler Group & Play Group:

A] Toddler & Play Group Morning session: 8:25 am -10:40 am
B] Toddler & Play Group Day session: 9:50 am- 12:05 pm

C] Nursery- Grade/Class- II- 8:25 am- 12:05- pm
D] Grade/Class III-IV- 9:50 am- 3:30 pm


Facilities/ Infrastructure

Fast-Track (FT) classes- Each child is a unique learner. Not every child has the same assimilation capacity. To address this need, we hold special Fast-Track (FT) classes for such students. Regular participation in our FT Classes, helps the student keep abreast with the rest.

Activity Classes-Art & Craft, Sound of Music, Dance, Drama
Sports classes- Karate, Yoga, Swimming (Splash class), Games, Drill & PT
Elocution class
Computer Labs

Smart classrooms equipped with audio-visual aids;
Climate-controlled, well-illuminated, spacious, child-friendly classrooms;
Accessible for children with special needs;
Ample space, play ground, terrace garden for the children to play around;
Outdoor games- basket ball, swing, slide
Roof-top Swimming Pool
Montessori learning tools, Play-way methods
Fun toys, in-door games;
Activity rooms/space- for Music, Dance, Yoga, Karate;
Computer Lab, English Conversation Lab, General Knowledge Lab
Assembly area
Open Air Theatre

Child-friendly, safe, hygienic rest-rooms
In-House Pantry service
Parents’ waiting area

On-call Doctor is available.

Special Educator for our special angels

Certified, professional Psychologists/ Counsellors on our panel. Child/ parental counseling can be done on request.


Child Safety
Safety of the child is of paramount importance to us. For this we have introduced smart, tamper-proof ID cards.



1. The school follows April to March session, like ICSE & CBSE Boards. However, keeping in mind the age criteria of the students, we follow a flexi-admission system as well.
2. Classes are held from Monday to Friday.
3. Pre-school pupils of our school are prepared so that they can get admission to good schools under ICSE, CBSE, International Boards- Baccalaureate, Cambridge Boards or any other recognized educational Board of India.

1.The school fees will have to be paid on a quarterly basis.
2. No rebate is given for school vacation.
3. All fees to be paid latest by the 7th day of the beginning of every quarter. If the 7th day is on a holiday, then the previous working day will be deemed the last date for payment of fees.
4. Late fine will be imposed times number of months delayed.
5. All fees- admission, tuition, etc are non-refundable.
6. Admission fee has to be paid every Academic Year.
7.Fees are usually revised at the beginning of each Academic Session. However, due to unavoidable circumstances fees may also be increased during a running academic year. If so, parents will be duly informed one month in advance.
In case of non-payment of fees for more than 2 consecutive months, your ward’s name will be struck off the school’s rolls. Re-admission will be considered, subject to seat availability. Full admission fees have to be paid again for any re-admission even if it is in the middle of the academic session. Full session fees will be charged. Re-admission will however be done at sole discretion of the Principal.

1. The School Year is divided into 4 quarters/ trimester. Regular Progress Reports will keep parents informed of the behaviour and diligence of their wards. The Progress Report, must be signed by the parents, and returned on the following working day to the Class Teacher.
2. The Progress Report must be kept safely, with care. Please note this is a valid document that you may require when you admit your ward/s to other schools. Damage/ loss of report card should be immediately notified to the School. Duplicate Report card will issued against payment of fine.
3. Every year we are going to have two term examinations and on-going assessment throughout the year. Pupils will be promoted on the basis of these examinations and their class performance.
4. In all matters regarding promotion the Principal’s decision is final. Requests for reconsideration of a decision will not be entertained.
5. Teachers will record class work in diaries. Parents are requested to go through their wards’ diaries with care.
6. Signed Report Cards must be returned to the school. In case of failure to do so/ loss of report card, a fine of will be charged.

Students must have 90% attendance in an academic year. Promotions may be withheld for students who do not comply with our attendance criterion.
will be given extreme importance. Students will not be allowed into the school premises once the bell has rung. This is to ensure discipline and also security of your ward.
3. Students who have been ABSENT from a class or part of it must – bring a letter from their parents stating the cause of their absence or delay. In case of an illness exceeding 3 calendar days, a medical certificate must be given. No leave of absence will be granted without a previous written application from the parents. Absence on account of birthdays, marriage feasts and similar social occasions is discouraged.
4. If a child is absent from class for 7 days or more without the written information to the Principal, his name is liable to be struck off the rolls. He may be given READMISSION only at the discretion of the Principal after paying the necessary Admission Fees.
School events are important part of the child’s character development. Attendance in school events is mandatory, failing which your child may even face suspension from the school.

1. Uniforms and school bags must be procured from the school only. If students are found wearing uniforms stitched/ procured from outside, the child will be sent back home.
2. Students must come in neat and clean uniform, properly ironed. Under-wears must be worn.
3. Shoes should be of black leather, with laces, well polished; white, knee-length socks.
4. For winter, boys should come in full pants, V-necked black pullovers and girls in black cardigans and white stockings.
5. ID card must be present on the child at all times before entering and after leaving school.
6. Children must use only school bags issued from school bearing school’s logo.

1. Guardians are not allowed to visit the class-rooms or go to the corridors to interact with the teachers during class hours or meet their wards during the lunch break.
2. Parents / Guardians may meet the Principal/teachers only by taking making prior appointment through written application to be written on a plain white paper/in the school diary.
3. Parents should inform the School Authorities if their ward is suffering from any SERIOUS ILLNESS, chronic ailment, physical handicap or sensory defect (e.g. heart disorder or epilepsy). Hiding the illness of a child by parents will not enable us to help the child when in serious trouble. In case of chickenpox, measles, mumps or other such contagious diseases, the parent is required to maintain the requisite quarantine period before the child is sent back to school with a medical certificate of fitness.
4. School has no doctor on call and only First Aid will be given if the student is injured. Guardian will be called at the earliest. We do not have hospitalization facilities.
5. Parents/ Guardians must have their photos on their wards’ ID Cards; failing which students will not be handed over to them.
6. Parents must ensure that their wards wear diapers to school. An extra diaper should be given in the bag along with an extra set of clothes.
7. Lunch box, water bottle must be sent along with the child. A serviette (napkin) must be given along with the lunch box of the child. The school has potable purified water.
8. On Pool days, an extra set of clothes & towel must be packed in the bag.
9. A separate handkerchief must be given to the child. Note- serviette is different from a handkerchief.
10. Parents/ Guardians must attend Child Development Meetings (CDM) and any meeting that may be deemed necessary by the class teacher/Principal.
. Parents/ Guardians must supervise their children on pool days. No child without parental supervision will be allowed to enter the pool.
12. Children suffering from any illness or infectious disease/ skin problem will not be allowed to enter the pool. This is for the safety of the other children.
13. The school is not liable for anything that may happen to your child on its premises.
14. School Diary must be brought to school daily. Loss of the diary must be immediately reported to the school. A new will be issued against a fine.
15. School has its own library. If any book is lost/damaged by the child, he/she will have to replace the same/ pay fine.
16. It is the parent’s responsibility to be abreast of the school’s current rules and regulations.

1. Students whose conduct is INJURIOUS TO THE MORAL, TONE of the school or incompatible with strict discipline are liable to be dismissed. In particular, stealing, damaging school properties, and any form of verbal obscenity or acts of violence may entail dismissal.
2. Students may be expelled from the school on account of their parents’/guardians’ misbehavior with any of our staff/ any other school student/ any other parent/guardian.
3. Students, WHOSE PRESENCE, is not conducive, or whose application/ attendance is unsatisfactory, or whose parents / guardians show little interest in their wards’ progress, will be required to withdraw their wards from the school.
4. The school is not liable to offer any explanation/ the school does not owe any one any explanation if it decides to dismiss/remove/expel/suspend a student.
5. No refund (in part/whole) of any fees/payment made to the school will be given on account of expulsion/ dismissal/ transfer/withdrawal/ suspension of a student.
6. Transfer Certificates will be issued against a charge.
7. In case of withdrawal due to parental discretion, FULL SESSION CHARGE OF 12 MONTHS must be paid and THREE MONTH’S NOTICE in writing must be given to the Principal by the guardian, before a student may be withdrawn from the school. T.C. will be issued only after all dues are cleared.

1.Parents / Guardians must maintain punctuality of their wards.
2. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises without the written permission of the Principal.
3. On their way to and from school students are expected to behave in a civilized manner.
. Damage/loss of the ID must be immediately reported to the school. A duplicate ID card will be issued against charge. If the holder/ ribbon of the ID is damaged, the same will be replaced against charge.
Damage to school property, furniture, toys, play- equipment will be viewed very seriously and parents will be asked to replace/repair, and/or caution will be fully forfeited. If the nature of damage is more than the Caution money deposited, parents will have to bear the additional costs.
7. Parents must maintain discipline themselves; parents must come in formal or smart-casual attires.
8. Shorts, Bermudas, Lungis (unless traditional attire) are not allowed to be worn by guardians/ parents/ chaperones. Parents/ guardians/ chaperones must come properly dressed to school.
Parents/ Guardians/ Chaperones must behave with our school staff with extreme courtesy; failing which their respective ward is liable to face strict disciplinary action that may even lead to his/her termination from the school.
10. Rules & Regulations are subject to revision. Please ensure you have the latest copy.

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